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Laser reconstruction of intervertebral discs

Description of laser reconstruction of intervertebral discs

The aim of the laser reconstruction of intervertebral discs, conducted a patient is a therapeutic effect on collapsing the intervertebral disc. This contributes to the further restoration of the disc with the elimination of its protrusion into the lumen of the spinal canal.

The procedure of laser reconstruction of intervertebral discs.

In this case, intervention duration of hospital stay is limited to several hours.

This technique of treatment is increasingly used to treat a hernia or protrusion of the intervertebral disc. In most cases, when performing these procedures, apply local (conductor) anesthesia, which does not harm the whole body, as is often the case when using general anesthesia. After this treatment the patient will only take a course of rehabilitation, which takes 1-2 weeks.

The operation of the laser reconstruction of intervertebral discs is not effective in the case of sequestered herniated disk, in case of rupture of the posterior longitudinal ligament hernial protrusion. Questions of medical tactics resolved to consult a doctor a neurosurgeon to the evaluation of neurologic symptoms and MRI of the spine.


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