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Furuncle, boil


Furuncle, boil

Furuncle, boil — is an acute purulent-necrotic inflammation of the hair follicle and sebaceous gland, which extends to the subcutaneous tissue.

Contribute to the emergence of furuncle breach of hygiene, improper skin care. In addition, the occurrence of furuncles play an important role metabolism in the body (diabetes), malnutrition, low or poor nutrition (avitaminosis).

Furuncle often accompanied by fever and slightly significant signs of general deterioration.

Usually boil is a painful round node, a breathtaking area of the sebaceous glands and hair follicle of skin, surrounded by a painful soft tissue seal around it, and redness of the skin over the whole area of inflammation.


Treatment of furuncle

At the beginning of boil, when it is not formed necrosis and suppuration began (the first 2-3 days) use physical therapy procedures, apply ice, appointed anti-inflammatory drugs. Treatment at this stage can be performed in the clinic.

With the development of purulent process (abscess) showed surgical treatment under local or general anesthesia in a clinic or hospital.


First aid for boils

Remember, the proper treatment of boil in the early days of his manifestation to help you avoid surgery. It's enough to consult a surgeon on the phone.

If you are afraid of doctors, in the first 2 days you can take "Aspirin" (if you do not contraindicated), applied to the ice boils, apply vodka dressing (do not compress!).

Be careful and do not listen to advice "seasoned" friends and neighbors - you run the risk if they are not appropriate to get complications, but not cured. For example Vishnevsky ointment, ointment and wraps ihtiolovaya only promote the rapid formation of an abscess, and it already requires the operation of its opening and subsequent evacuation.


Type of surgery / manipulation

Outpatient treatment of furuncle 4 000 rub.
Ligation, removal of drains, removal of sutures 500 rub.


If you have questions about diagnosis and treatment of boil or boils, you can specify them with our surgeon or trauma on the phone:
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