The Best Heated Foot Massager

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The Best Heated Foot Massager

Product Description

This heated foot massager because it provided the most effective massage and was found to be the most comfortable. Its built-in heating element targeted the top of the feet, creating a soothing warmth that panelists rated superior to lesser models that barely heated the bottom of their feet. Soft lining made massages a pleasant experience, even at its most intense setting.

With three preset programs, three intensity levels, and auto-shut off. Fits feet up to size 11. The removable foot cover is washable. AC adapter.

Dimensions: 41х36х24 cm
Weight: 4.3 kg
Color: gray, black

Customer Reviews

★★★★★ This is an excellent heated foot massager!! I enjoy using this every evening after a busy day of working and being on my feet all day. Being a registered nurse of 52 yrs., has not allowed me the joy of sitting down. The foot massager has allowed me to sit and relax….what a gift! It provides great squeezing, pressure release, vibration, and rolling stimulation to the soles of my feet. Total relaxation!

★★★★★ I'm about 60 years old. I really like to walk and cook food at home, therefore I am standing on my feet most of the day and I am very tired, so I have been looking for some kind of massager to relieve fatigue from my feet for a long time. I had to return the first model of this massager, as it brought additional pain for me, and not relief for my tired legs. I did not dare to buy the second model, because I read disapproving reviews about it, but I decided to buy this third model after reading approving reviews about it and I do not regret it. Now I use it every day, using different modes and my legs say thank you to me, and I thank you for creating this device for relieving fatigue from the feet of the legs. One note about the instructions for using the massager: very small print, I read it with glasses and with a magnifying glass. That won't do!!!!! It is impossible to save on this: the instructions contain the necessary information for the operation of the massager and its owner must possess this information freely and in full!!!!

★★★★★ My wife has foot neuropathy resulting from breast cancer treatments. She finds the foot message treatments are remarkably reducing her level of discomfort, for which I am grateful.

★★★★★ This massager truly refreshes tired feet and relieves Plantar Fasiitis pain. I'm very pleased.

★★★★★ This is a great foot massager which reminds me of being foot massaged by a professional masseuse. I use it at least once a week when my feet reach their breaking point.

★★★★★ This was a gift to my sister and she loves it.

★★★★★ I really like poor feet and ankles are in need of serious TLC and they sure get it with this thing!!! Would suggest it !!!!!! Really like it!!!!

★★★★★ I have used it to specifically help rehabilitate one of my feet that has an old injury that periodically causes pain after I have been on this particular foot for awhile. The Foot Massager has made a huge difference.. and for the first time in a long time my foot feels so much better to the point that I am now able to walk for a longer period of time / pain free!!! What an unbelievable product this is!!! It really does everything it says it can do...and more!!!!

★★★★★ I bought this for my son cause he stated to me he really wanted a foot massager cause his feet were always hurting cause he stands and walks alot with the two jobs that he has so I went ahead buying it because of the reviews I had read, and he has called me with so much happiness in his comments of how much this massager has helped him and says to me mom I'm going to be using this 3 times a day not just once a day cause it feels so good that I keep wanting to go back to it. so Thank you

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