Inflatable Leg Ramp

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Inflatable Leg Ramp

Product Description

This knee pillow wedge keeps your legs and feet comfortably elevated for immediate relief. Unlike other types of leg pillows, Leg Ramp won’t slide out from under your legs. It stays put under your legs.

Leg elevation pillow promotes positive blood flow to reduce swelling and pain, you can easily get temporary relief from leg swelling, sore feet, vein problems. Our wedge pillow for legs elevation has the perfect angle for ultimate comfort and maximum benefit, contouring perfectly to the shape of your legs.

Use the included air pump to inflate Leg Ramp. When you no longer need your legs or feet elevated, simply deflate and store.

Dimensions: 63х60х23 cm
Weight: 625 g
Color: beige

Customer Reviews

★★★★★ Take it, you won't regret it. The height of the cushion is optimal. There was a smell while the pillow was new, but it quickly faded away.

★★★★★ The pillow is wonderful! Legs are resting on it! Just happy! Thanks!!!!!

★★★★★ Very comfortable and pleasant to touch.

★★★★★ Great quality! Thanks.

★★★★★ Wonderful, high quality, tall pillow.

★★★★★ Nice! Sold with an air pump.

★★★★★ Large, comfortable. Virtually odorless. Legs are resting - I am satisfied.

★★★★★ Excelente cumplió con todas mis expectativas.

★★★★★ EXCELLENT thank you, very good height for resting legs.

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