Ultrasonic dental cleaner

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Ultrasonic dental cleaner

Product Description

The device for cleaning dental plaque with ultrasound is the most effective and safe method of cleaning the oral cavity from calculus. Calculus is difficult to remove mechanically, and the removal of plaque with chemicals leads to damage to the enamel. Ultrasound does not have all these disadvantages. Using this device, called a scaler, you can remove harmful residues that have formed on the surface of the teeth over a long period.

There are 5 modes of operation of the device to choose from - from soft to super-strong impact. The oscillation frequency of the working nozzle is 37 kHz.

For the convenience of visualization, the device has a built-in backlight. The built-in battery is charged via the supplied USB cable.

Dimensions: 2,5х20 cm
Weight: 300 g
Color: white, black

Customer Reviews

★★★★★ It removes coffee stains from teeth very well. There are no longer even single black spots. I recommend it.

★★★★★ Includes one more mirror. I highly recommend it!

★★★★★ Works, removes tar from my teeth! Highly recommend!

★★★★★ Cleans plaque very well. Thanks.

★★★★★ Everything is fine, everything works. Please note that the kit does not include a charging unit (which plugs into an outlet), just a USB cable. Through it you can charge it from your usual smartphone charger.

★★★★★ Works really well. The main thing is to work in the first mode. Plaque removes even traces of periodontal disease (I have been smoking for 15 years). Take your time removing plaque. The handpiece gets very hot, do not touch it with your hands !!! It is advisable to carry out the procedure together. A very high quality machine and really useful!

★★★★★ I took my old dog to brush her teeth, the result is great, apparently it doesn't hurt, the procedure was successful! I recommend the product!

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