Water Softening Showerhead

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Water Softening Showerhead

Product Description

This is the showerhead that neutralizes limestone concentrations for softer water. Integrated tourmaline stones, germanium, and clay, reduce water impurities and help eliminate adverse effects of hard water such as skin irritation and dry hair.

Rated for a water flow of 1 gallon per minute, the showerhead can be set to one of three stream settings. Attaches to an existing shower hose. ABS plastic. Stones last for two years and can be replaced.

Dimensions: 8х22 cm
Weight: 240 g
Color: silver, white, blue

Customer Reviews

★★★★★ The showerhead is wonderful. Better than softened water. We no long have the chlorine smell also.

★★★★★ In the shower it feels wonderful and makes the water so soft compared to the hard water we have.

★★★★★ This shower head is absolutely awesome. I love it. Turns hard water into a beautiful stream of soft luxurious water.

★★★★★ The water we use is from a well in SW Florida. The water goes through a salt tank but it burns your eyes when taking a shower. With this shower head the water no longer burns and your skin is a lot softer, not so dry.

★★★★★ Love it . My hair and skin as never felt so great. Design one for the whole house water system!

★★★★★ I have used this showerhead on a few times, but I have noticed that my skin does not feel as dry as before, and it does not itch as much. Our water here is very hard. I think my skin will feel even better with more use.

★★★★★ I will definetly recommend this product.

★★★★★ An amazing product with a beautiful spray.

★★★★★ I would definitely buy this shower head again.

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