The Germ Avoiding Antimicrobial Hand Tool

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The Germ Avoiding Antimicrobial Hand Tool

Product Description

This is the antimicrobial brass hand tool that keeps you from coming into direct contact with the dozens of contaminated surfaces you encounter every day.

When used correctly, the key-shaped tool lets you grasp door pulls, sign your name on a tablet, and press elevator buttons and keypads without your hand or fingers touching them.

It's made from uncoated brass with 60% copper content that has been proven in laboratory tests to kill up to 99% of harmful bacteria on its surface within two hours. Attaches to keychain.

Dimensions: 8х3 cm
Weight: 170 g
Color: golden, black, silver

Customer Reviews

★★★★★ Handy little product, especially during the pandemic, to avoid grabbing public door handles and pressing buttons. I love it!

★★★★★ Quite pleased with this handy protective product.

★★★★★ I love it, I use it to open doors, while shopping.

★★★★★ The Antimicrobial Hand Tool is very handy and I feel much safer using it as apposed to touching door handles and key pads.

★★★★★ in this 2020 world this is very handy, Works will at opening handles and touching gas station pumps.

★★★★★ I keep the key in my coat pocket and use it all the time.

★★★★★ I find this tool handy and safe when using an ATM machine. I also use it to push elevator buttons and grocery carts.

★★★★★ This is used to open doors and push buttons. It works great, is easy to carry, lightweight, and provides the feeling of additional security in avoiding unwanted germs.

★★★★★ I use this device all the time to open doors and occasionally air remember to use it on keypads.

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