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Outpatient department

Outpatient department of Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery Clinic specializes in a modern complex treatment of the nervous system, blood vessels of the brain, spinal structures and articular apparatus diseases.

In addition to the treatment and prevention of problems related to human health, our specialists will carry out rehabilitation after injuries and operations, long-term physical and emotional overload. We help eliminate and prevent early and late stroke complications.

Our services include a complete neurological, orthopedic and psychotherapeutic examination, assessment of disability, the program of rapid elimination of pain (both domiciliary and clinical), individual treatment and rehabilitation programs.

In Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery Clinic patients patients are received by certified doctors of following specialities:

  • neurosurgeon
  • surgeon
  • neurologist
  • trauma orthopaedist
  • anesthesiologist
  • manual therapist, massage therapist
  • psychotherapists
  • urologist, nephrologist
  • homeopath
  • physiotherapist
  • reflexologist
  • rheumatologist

For your convenience, our doctors examine and consult patients at home, at hospitals and outpatient-diagnostic centres of other medical institutions, in offices and educational institutions.

Welcome to Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery Clinic where you will get careful and professional medical assistance.


Phone for outpatients:

neurosurgeon, neurologist (499) 130–08–09
surgery, traumatology, rheumatologist +7(903) 167–99–20
psychotherapist, homeopath +7(909) 994–94–66
masseur, rehabilitologist +7(916) 400–66–64
orthopedic pharmacy +7(903) 167–99–20


Working hours:

Mon...Fri 10:00–20:00
Sat 09:00–15:00

24 hours
7 days a week


Clinic addresses:

Moscow, Beskudnikovsky Boulevard, 4
(location map)
г. ћосква, 2-й “верской–ямской пер., 10

St.-Petersburg, Zhukovskogo street, 57 A
(location map)
Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Krupskoy street, 65
tel.: +7(7182) 55-67-13

Neurology, Neurosurgery
+7 (926) 988-14-23
Surgery, Traumatology
+7(903) 167-99-20
+7(909) 994-94-66
Mon...Fri 10:00–20:00
Sat 09:00–15:00